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Fairy Tales are trendy…

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I sit in my apartment blasting the flying theme from Peter Pan.….

Both the animated and the live-action version.

I also blast the flying themes from Hook.

I watch Snow White when I need a nostalgic cry. I watch Beauty and the Beast when I want to sing and cry. I watch Aladdin when I want to sing, dance and cry. My first job was at Disneyland because I figured if I was going to have to have a job, then I might as well have one in the land of make-believe. I get disturbed when I see little girls skipping around in princess costumes…only because I wish that those damn dresses still fit me. I believe in happily ever after. I believe in once upon a time.

Hell, I even believe in The End.

I believe in knights in shining armor…especially the ones who share their outlets at Starbucks or the ones who take two seconds to ask you something more clever than, “So tell me about your life.” The guys who can laugh it off when you make fun of them, and the guys who aren’t intimidated by your strengths.

All of these things that I want. All of these things that I adore. This is what makes me…me…unique…a victim of Fairy Tales…The things that make me a nerd…

Now, the fairy tales have gotten a face lift. The princesses are stunning. The princes wear costumes that actually look legit. Fairy tales…dare I say…are getting trendy. There are a number of Fairy Tale themed productions coming out…

The Untitled Snow White, Snow White and the Huntsman, and Neverland (tv series), Once Upon a Time (TV series). I can’t lie. I’m excited for all of them. My only fear is that fairy tales are suddenly going to be a fad. What about all of the pathetic souls like myself who are unique only because we have eaten up these stories for the past 20-something years of our existence? Are we suddenly cool? Are we going to suddenly fit in? The one thing that I’m grateful for, is that “Princes Don’t Live in Cyberland” is now within the realm of trendy. It seems the show has touched on a topic that is about to explode in the media world…so I guess..what I’m trying to say…is I’m ok with that…


Princes Don’t Live in Cyberland: Production Blog #2

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Princes Don’t Live in Cyberland.

I still can’t get over how much support this show has gotten. I’m going to admit right off the bat….when I started writing the show, I made a LOT of references to guys I dated and situations that I got myself into. When the guys I dated started to realize that I wrote a show, I thought that there would be some uneasiness…instead, the phrase I heard most was, “Can you mention me a lot?”

I love their confidence. Confidence that I won’t make them look bad. The only person who looks like a total idiot in the show…is myself. I admire the guys I’ve dated for being so completely supportive and excited that this project is underway.

ATTENTION: My dream is to have the 2nd row (sorry guys. 1st row is reserved for family) chock full of men from my past. I’m such a masochist.

Anyhoo. I got through the 1st week of rehearsals. The show already has a shape to it, and some of the performances are already extremely moving. I’ll have ticketing updates soon, but just as an FYI…tix will ONLY be available online at www.onceuponareality.com.

Photo Shoot:

We did a “Modernized Fairytales” photo shoot to promote the show on Hollywood and Highland. So much love for my stunning photographer and sweet friend, Jenny Rae. Photos will be posted on the website and facebook soon…keep checking back…Special shout-out to the modern day princes who appeared at the shoot: Will Green as Snow White’s prince, Peter Weidman as Prince Charming, and Kevin Williams as Prince Phillip.

Get ready for Erika as Snow White, Cat as Sleeping Beauty, and Beth as Cinderella….seriously…the shoot was amazing.

If you haven’t yet done so, please follow the show on Twitter, and become a fan on facebook. Thanks for the support everyone, and more updates are coming soon!

Princes Don’t Live in Cyberland: Production Blog #1

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Hey kids-

So…originally…when I first started writing this blog..the point was to have a blog to complement my website for the 3-woman show, “Princes Don’t Live in Cyberland.”

But here’s the thing…producing a play was waaaay more complicated than I imagined. So a few months later, things are starting to take off. From here on out, I’m documenting the production process for “Princes Don’t Live in Cyberland” via da blog.

Don’t worry. If you adore my silly rants, you’ll still find it all here.

Production update for Princes:

The show was originally written via a couple interesting blogs on myspace a couple years ago. I was the single girl trying to figure out why the hell I was having so many problems with guys. Then I realized something…I was the problem. Not the guys. I was picking the wrongs ones continuously, and I didn’t know why I was doing it. Then I looked at my DVD collection. It was all Disney fairytale movies. Not only that, but I worked at Disneyland in entertainment for a number of years, and was used to having princes and princesses being the center of my universe.

No wonder my perception of love was so demented.

The plus side, is I’m the product of a marriage that has lasted 31 years. Congratulations Mom and Dad!

The downside is…I should have things figured out…and the up side is…I don’t.

So I’ve let the journey begin via this play of mine. I turned my blogs and experiences into a 3-woman show.

The show documents my journey to finding love and is told through 3 generations of women. Gramma…mom..and myself. It traces a childhood of being raised on fairytales and the impact it has on dating in the real world, as well as follows the very different and unexpected relationships of these 3 women. Whether its fairytales or reality…nothing is as it seems. 

After the show was written, the table-read process began. After the first read-through, a huge re-write began. Then came the search for the perfect venue….which was the trickiest part. I landed on the ComedySportz theatre in Hollywood for the premiere. Signed the contract. Picked up the keys to the rehearsal space. Got so nervous I could’ve blacked out driving home.

It was actually happening.

I’ve been overwhelmed with the amount of support I’ve received in such a small amount of time. Daily texts/voicemails from family wishing me luck on the production process. Friends volunteering their time and talent to help me get this show on its feet. My little brother, who always takes the time to read the things I write and still tells me that he’s proud. And finally..my parents…who so lovingly support this show and who have believed in it from day one. In fact, I can guarantee that the show wouldn’t be as far along without them constantly pushing me to believe in the story as much as they do.

The first rehearsal was a couple days ago. I was so scared shitless. I’ve never followed through with a project the way I have with this one. No one tells you that dreams can be scary. They tell you that they’re beautiful. That its easy. That they’re made of gum drops and unicorn droppings. Here’s the thing, following through on dreams is one of the scariest things you can ever do. I literally couldn’t keep food down the day of the 1st rehearsal. My mom drove out to Hollywood to sit in on the first rehearsal. She brought the cast a bottle of champagne to toast the first night. We shared family stories that add depth to the story. I’m extremely lucky. There’s a lot of love in my family. I can’t wait to share this story with people.

I’ll be posting on the show daily, but for now…here’s some sites to check out for show info:

The official website: www.onceuponareality.com

Facebook Fan Page

Twitter (That Prince Show)

Blog Battle #4: Battle of the Disney Princes

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Alright kids…it’s time for Blog Battle #4. Last time J-Rae and I battled, we fought for the honor of our favorite Disney Princess. My choice? Ariel. Her choice? Rapunzel.     

This time around, we’re battling it out for the honor of the Disney Prince…because let’s face it, what’s the main reason you ever start watching those Disney flicks as a kid? For the prince…so here we go

First off…let me go through the princes I’m definitely NOT picking….

 Snow White’s Prince: Homeboy is hella handsome…but does he ever really do anything? No. He bumps into Snow White and thinks she’s pretty, and they sing a little ditty by a wishing well…then later on in the story, he gives her a kiss and saves the day. If there are any princes in training who get scared shitless in the face of danger, this is the princeliness to aspire to…

Ones I would like to pick but can’t because well….they’re not princes….

1) Peter Pan- A guy who can fly…Fly people. I mean, done and done…this would be the winner. Plus, he doesn’t wear clothes…he wears leaves…and he doesn’t want to grow up, and frankly, neither do I, so in a sense, we’re perfect for each other. And whenever I want to see him, he’ll simply fly to my bedroom window to retrieve me…talk about convenience.

2) Flynn Rider-Handsome, goatee and he’s definitely the bad boy on the outside, with the heart of a nerd. Yessir, he’s the dream boat of the bunch…and he’ll let his woman fight her own battles. Go Flynn…you or Pan would be my prince…but alas…

And the winner is…..


Oh Prince Phillip…it was a close call between you, Eric and Aladdin…here’s why you won. We understand that you were destined from birth to marry Aurora, but yet you still took the time to get to know her…i.e, your awesome dance scene in the forest. Another reason why you won, you can dance. And you’re a great dresser. AND you wear a frickin’ cape. You’re practically a super hero. In fact, you are kind of a super hero. While Aurora decided to sleep her way through the most thrilling part of her movie, you went ahead and slayed the dragon and took on Malificent…a villain so badass that they’re making a new live-action film in her honor. Oh Prince Phillip, you are one handsome beast…and you’re fierce with a sword and shield…and well…you had me with that cape. My inner Lois Lane will always swoon for you. 

Be sure to check out my opponent’s Blog Battle at: http://lilraecakes.tumblr.com/post/5795505097/blogbattleround4 

Also, wanna meet the girl behind the awesome blog? J-Rae will be celebrating the 1-year anniversary of her Lil Rae Cakes this Saturday at Sweet Harts in Sherman Oaks. FREE Event. Deets available at: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=162194523836910