Politics according to Jenko.

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Most of you will hate this post, so don’t say I didn’t warn you. Most of you will start yelling ‘naive’ at your computer, or feel sorry for me and want to send me a message summing up what is going on politically in our country so that I can form an opinion. Here we go. I’m only posting this because Project Free Tv is taking a moment to load and my A.D.D. kicked in as I was loading the latest episode of “How I Met Your Mother.” I started to notice a lot of posts regarding recent political events, and it got me thinking….I don’t have an opinion. I love my friends who have passionate opinions. It doesn’t matter if the opinions are blunt, vague or even comically formulated…they’re opinions and they’re fantastic. So it got me thinking about a lot of things. Got me thinking about the fact that I haven’t voted in a couple years, and I’m pretty sure that the last time I voted, it was to get the ‘I voted’ sticker because it looked cute with my outfit I had on that day. My favorite experiences with politics came from watching far too much Dave and The American President growing up, and of course listening to The West Wing theme song, because I’m too cool to listen to the radio. The last time I felt passionate about politics was watching Legally Blonde 2. That cheesy courtroom scene kicks ass. The time before that was learning how to debate in college and watching my peers do so on a competitive level. I must admit, I have a fear of politics. My feelings toward politics are very similar to my feelings toward religion. I always think of high school. I was always told the same thing from my family: It doesn’t matter if you’re Catholic or Athiest. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Republican or a Democrat. It doesn’t even matter if you pick a side. But whatever you pick, do it because you’re passionate about it and because it’s the right choice for you. And that’s exactly what I did. I test drove a few religions in high school. None were a good fit. Classmates couldn’t figure me out. Why didn’t I want a label? Wasn’t I afraid I was going to go to hell? What, you don’t believe in hell? All of the labels and all of the hate made me turn around and finally say to the world, “I believe in myself. I believe I can be a good person and do the right thing and I believe in me. I believe in my peers to do the right thing. I believe we can love and I believe we can inspire.” This is what is right for me. I have family members and friends who share a different viewpoint when it comes to religion, and I love it. I love it because it is what works for them. They’re happy, so I’m happy. Of course, the only problem with my beliefs is it doesn’t include anything visual, which got kind of boring for me. So to fix this, I put my faith in a woodland tree fairy. And she kicks ass all the time. High school put the same twist on politics for me. Remember your classmates running for President? My vote was solely based on who gave me the best candy. If you handed me a snickers, that’s it…I’ll vote for you a thousand times. But then do you remember how awful it got? Cliches started to form over it. It became a popularity contest. Did the best person ever really win in these things? Politics. I couldn’t pick a side. I guess I’m pretty damn liberal if I had to pick anything. It would be easy to say that I just don’t do politics. That they don’t impact me. That I don’t have to care. I’m not an idiot. I know it impacts me and the things I am passionate about. I know that a simple decision to put a cut in the arts budget effects my future. It affects the way the arts are viewed. It makes it consistently more difficult to get them back. I’m not naive enough to not know this. Here’s what I do know: I know that I don’t know enough about any given side because I haven’t given myself the opportunity to do so. Having said this, I’m cheering on those of you who have done your homework. It’s easy to pick a side and jump on the apple box. If you have a side, research the hell out of it and stick by it. I haven’t chosen my side or my label yet, but here’s what I will say. I remember sitting on my couch last year in the middle of one of my worst weeks of 2011. I was in a financial hole of misery that I couldn’t dig myself out of. I cried a lot. I lost hope. And I needed it back. Sat on the couch and listened to one of Obama’s speeches. Even though I hadn’t done my homework enough to agree or disagree with what he was saying, I finally felt what could only be described as a moment of hope. A moment where I thought that someone else had my back and my best interest at heart. I guess that’s the magic of politics. It does the same damn awesome thing that faith/religion/etc can do. It gives you some sort of hope. Whatever your hope is, and whatever your side is, just know that you’re awesome. You’re awesome because you care. 


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