The do’s and don’ts of visiting Boise…

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I’m a Cali girl born and raised. My choice of footwear: flip flops. I would live at the beach if given the chance, and my idea of the universe is based off of the last highly advertised movie I saw. 

I moved to Boise, Idaho in February, and am in the process of packing up to move into an apartment with my lil bro until I take the next leap to NYC. After living in this town for about the past 6 months, I can honestly say, time has never flown faster. I love it here. To anyone looking to switch things up or visit a new place, Boise is a wonderful hidden gem of a town. To all of the people who only know it as the “potato state”, you’re highly mistaken. Here are my Do’s and Don’t of visiting Boise…

1) DO take a run by the river to clear your head and enjoy some nature.


2) DON’T yell “Living in a van down by the river!!” to unleash your inner Chris Farley.

       a)Also, don’t look down at your iphone while running. You’ll run over a snake. 

3) DO take a night to visit Hyde Park and get a margarita and sit outside to watch the sun set.

4) DON’T run around taking pictures screaming out how you feel like you’re in the movie “Runaway Bride,” visiting Julia Robert’s small hometown.

5) DO visit the fry place on Broadway (Ooops, the name has slipped me), and try out one of 10 different types of french fries and select from over a dozen dipping sauces.

6) DON’T rub it in that you’re in the potato state.

7) DO drive under 50 MPH on the freeway and move your car the second the meter is up.

8) DON’T honk at others or try talking your way out of a ticket (I got two my first week here)…

9) DO visit the capitol building and take a walk around. The building is open to the public to go explore…but since it’s a little too open…


10) DON’T sit in the high and mighty chairs and talk to pretend Congress. It’s so damn tempting though…


11) DO go camping in Loman and visit the hot springs and jump in the river.

12) DON’T be a Cali idiot like I was and expect a bathroom facility. Camping in Cali is so not camping!

13) DO visit the bars downtown. Walk everywhere. Driving through downtown Boise on a friday night is an awful idea. Cop central.

14) DON’T expect to pay more than $4 for a drink. If you’re paying more, the bar will practically guarantee you will face-plant after their concoction.

15) DO expect to be served alcohol until you blackout. Bartenders don’t believe in ‘You’re probably done now’…

16) DON’T order a jaeger bomb. There’s nothing to “bomb.” You either shoot the jaeger straight up, or you get the two mixed and sip it like a cocktail. 

17) DO hike up to table rock, sit by the glowing cross, and have an awesome view of the town in the middle of the night.

18) DON’T not go. This one is seriously awesome.

19) DO eat a pizza from Pie Hole. Every type of pizza imaginable and the beer is incredible. Hipster joint with video games and a great view of 8th street.

20) DO see an opera out here. Opera is taken very seriously here. They fly people in from all over the country to perform at Opera Idaho.


21) DON’T expect the sun to ever set during the summer…you can seriously begin your evening at 10pm and it is still daylight out…

22) DO check out a staged reading at Hyde Park Books and have some wine and enjoy the evening.


23) DON’T leave Hyde Park without checking out an antique shop or the ice cream parlor.


24) DO go to the zoo or rose garden when you wanna do something outdoorsy. 


25) DON’T try to buy liquor on a Sunday. It’s nearly impossible.

26) DO visit Freaks Alley. State-commissioned graffiti art. It’s pretty damn cool.

27) DON’T not visit Boise. So many people have reacted to my move as, “Why would you move there?” To all the people who have never been, don’t be afraid to explore. This place is amazing, beautiful and full of things to do. Coming from California, it’s easy to think that Cali is the only place to be. It’s not. It’s just not. To all you road-trippers, make Boise your stop and I’ll show you around. 

  1. Great list! Why trade it for NYC?
    btw, it’s the “Boise Fry Company” (better known as BFC).

    • Thanks for the name! I was completely spacing out on that one. NYC for theatre 🙂 I wrote a play that played a few venues and a festival in California, and I dream of taking the show to new york 🙂

  2. Love this ! Thanks, we LOVE BOISE too!

  3. Three moves (and three states later) Boise is still Home with a capital H to me. 🙂

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