The world according to Belle…

In Uncategorized on July 3, 2012 at 5:06 am

I promise a Hollywood Fringe recap in the next couple days…but for now, I need my brain to take a laxative and flush some stuff out. So instead of giving you facts, I’m gonna give you fluff.


I’m a Disney nerd. If this is a shocker, you haven’t spent more than 5 minutes with me. I have the Disney persona from years of working for the Mouse that has worn off and decided to stay with me…forever. I grew up at Disneyland then continued to work there. I mean hell…I wrote a whole damn show about my ‘fairy tale’ complex. So  there I was…driving my car after work today…blasting my Disney pandora as usual…

If I’m in a ‘bad-ass’ mood I’ll go with the Danny Elfman Pandora, but my usual go-to is Disney. And today I’m screeching out the lyrics to “Part of Your World” with the windows down so that all of the Idahoans could admire my raw vocal skills that would make a cat suicidal. After “Part of Your World”, “Belle” comes on from the opening of “Beauty and the Beast,” and I just about jumped on top of the car with joy. I mean, c’mon. It’s the best song in the movie. As the song wore on, my joy slipped away, and I started thinking, “Damn…Belle’s kind of a biatch.” I mean, how did they develop Belle’s character for the opening scene of the film?

“We need to make you extremely likeable within the first two minutes, but all the while you need to berate and be above everyone you see.”

And yes, Belle does have a redeeming moment when she’s sitting in the pile of thistles singing about how she wants something more in her life. And trust me, I can relate. But still….Belle…you’re in frickin’ France…not Compton. Your life isn’t half bad, sweetheart. What if Belle had taken two seconds to open her eyes and appreciate what was around her? While I completely understand the fire being lit under your ass when you want to move things forward with your life, it’s also important to enjoy the ride. I have never completely understood this concept until recently. I moved to Boise, and the first thing I thought was, “Jesus Christ. I’m keeping all my boxes in the car and staying a month tops.” I wasn’t ready to give anything that wasn’t NYC a chance. Nothing personal, Boise. I was just being a total Belle. It didn’t take long for Boise to grow on me. I love the fact that even on a Monday during normal business hours, you can find people sitting downtown sipping cocktails or bike riding as if its a carefree summer day. The pace is slower. People are more relaxed. People take the time to enjoy each day. There’s something comforting in that. Damn you, Belle. Maybe you should’ve enjoyed the towns folks a little more.

Then what does Belle do? She runs off to this castle with a scary beast living inside. NYC is my castle….but lately…it feels like my castle that I’m running off to in the middle of a torrential downpour with gargoyles chasing after me. It feels scary. I feel like there’s certain people who are just made to live in NYC. People who never owned a car. People who have zero debt. People who don’t own more than two pieces of furniture. People who don’t own cats….

I own a car that I’m still paying off…I have two cats…and let me tell you…when I adopted them, it never once crossed my mind that I would someday have to make the decision of whether I was going to pack them in my uhaul or squeeze their carriers under my seat on an airplane.

You just don’t think about this kind of stuff…you max out credit cards. You take out student loans. You get a car. You setup a lifestyle that is meant for a certain coast, and you start to realize that you might’ve dug yourself in a hole when you realize you’re living on the wrong coast. Don’t you worry, I’ll get to NYC…and when I do, all of the tupperware will say ‘hello’ to me and make me a yellow gown so that I can strut through Central Park with my head held high, and finally say to myself…”I made it here. I finally made it here.”


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