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Thimble-A protective device used to protect one’s finger while sewing.


A thimble can be referred to as a kiss, according to Peter Pan. I’ll take a thimble any day, but no matter how much we try to deny it, there is absolutely nothing like kissing someone for the first time…unless its just an awful experience, then screw that…I’ll run back up to Peter Pan and take a thimble for the road.

Every day I admire what my parents have been through together. They’ve been married for over 30 years, and I often fear that I won’t find what they have. We live in a world where divorce isn’t only trendy and socially accepted…its just the frickin’ norm. We live in a world where its ok to marry the wrong person once or twice. We instantly doubt our belief in the “soul mate” whenever we get our hearts broken. We make fun of romance. Cut that…we’re terrified of it.

I know I am.

We’re either scared to be alone or scared to be with someone else. We don’t know how to be comfortable flying solo, yet we also don’t know how to keep our individuality the minute someone else steps into the picture. When did it all get so complicated? I miss the kiss. You know the one…the one where your shoulders drop, your body goes limp, the butterflies explode and everything around you stops. Time stands still. We’ve been exposed to the kiss many times…some would even say that we’ve been exposed to it too much…too much to the point where we have a false sense of reality. I’m ok with that. I guess Peter Pan was right all along…..we use our emotions to protect us from the needle that might poke us in the heart. Sometimes you have to let it all go. Whether you prefer a thimble or a real kiss, here’s a tribute to some of my favorite kisses of all time.


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