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Hey gang!

My 3-woman show, “Princes Don’t Live in Cyberland” premiered at the ComedySportz Theatre last September. After the show opened, I decided to take a little break….but I’m happy to say that “Princes” is coming back in January 2012. We’ll be at the Grand Central Art Center in the downtown Santa Ana arts district on Jan. 20, 21, 27, 28. If you’ve seen the show before and you loved it, please post a link to the FB fan page on your wall to help spread the word. All show updates will continue to post at www.facebook.com/onceuponareality. You can also get the full back-story on the show at the official website: www.onceuponareality.com.

There are some exciting changes coming up in January. We’re introducing a new cast-member to the show to play my Mom. Emily O’Brien will be joining myself and Cat Day in the January run.

I’m getting ready to send out the official FB/email invites, but if you’re interested in the show and would like to know more, please email me at erika@onceuponareality.com. Thanks so much for the support!


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Thimble-A protective device used to protect one’s finger while sewing.


A thimble can be referred to as a kiss, according to Peter Pan. I’ll take a thimble any day, but no matter how much we try to deny it, there is absolutely nothing like kissing someone for the first time…unless its just an awful experience, then screw that…I’ll run back up to Peter Pan and take a thimble for the road.

Every day I admire what my parents have been through together. They’ve been married for over 30 years, and I often fear that I won’t find what they have. We live in a world where divorce isn’t only trendy and socially accepted…its just the frickin’ norm. We live in a world where its ok to marry the wrong person once or twice. We instantly doubt our belief in the “soul mate” whenever we get our hearts broken. We make fun of romance. Cut that…we’re terrified of it.

I know I am.

We’re either scared to be alone or scared to be with someone else. We don’t know how to be comfortable flying solo, yet we also don’t know how to keep our individuality the minute someone else steps into the picture. When did it all get so complicated? I miss the kiss. You know the one…the one where your shoulders drop, your body goes limp, the butterflies explode and everything around you stops. Time stands still. We’ve been exposed to the kiss many times…some would even say that we’ve been exposed to it too much…too much to the point where we have a false sense of reality. I’m ok with that. I guess Peter Pan was right all along…..we use our emotions to protect us from the needle that might poke us in the heart. Sometimes you have to let it all go. Whether you prefer a thimble or a real kiss, here’s a tribute to some of my favorite kisses of all time.

I’m the human version of my cat.

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I’m the human version of my cat.

Its a very strange realization at 8:20 on a Monday. I’m the human version of my cat. I was watching an episode of “Project Runway” the other day. The assignment was to select a puppy from a whole group of puppies, and design an outfit for it. Each designer (without realization, of course) selected a pup that resembled their own appearance/personality. Is it possible that we pick our pets to match our personalities? I have two kitties. One is named Eva Donut…the other, Crunch-bite Caboose. Me and my pets recently moved in with another human and his cat. I figured the adaptation process for my cats would be simple. Eva could care less about the other cat and often hangs out on her own or next to me….while Crunch-bite desperately seeks the attention of the other cat. Demanding to be noticed. Demanding to be played with….even at the expense of his own dignity. He doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. If the new cat doesn’t want to play, Crunch-bite takes that as, “Well, I’m gonna chase you til you change your mind cuz I swear this shit is BOMB.” He slides under beds to play. I have even seen him sit on the floor for 20 minutes completely focused on the other cat as he sleeps on a table.

Crunch is obsessed. He looks at life as if everything is playing hard-to-get, and if he sprints for all of it blindly, he’ll get what he wants.

I’m like my cat.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sprinted for a guy who clearly doesn’t want me…nor can I even recall how many times I’ve desperately looked at my cell to see if I had a missed call/text/voicemail…basically any sign of life from the other human. I can’t tell you how many times another human has clearly hissed, “I’m so not looking for a commitment of any sort, and I’ve been a victim/wounded/completely destroyed by another woman therefore I can’t possibly make room for you in my life”…only to have me hear, “So you’re saying there’s a chance….” I take it back, I’m not like my cat…I’m like Jim Carrey’s character in “Dumb and Dumber.” Please tell me you got the reference.

So I’m like my cat. Persistent. Unaware of consequences. And silly.

I’m slowly turning into my other cat, Eva. Aloof and playing hard-to-get…but don’t worry…she doesn’t seem like she wants attention, but she’ll turn clingy at the drop of a hat. I’m not ready to let go of my silliness quite yet.

The ‘Pan’ Problem…

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I have a problem.

This I know.

Not only am I aware that I have this problem, but most people who know me for more than 10 minutes know that I have this problem.

I’m without a doubt obsessed with Peter Pan. Its been this way since I was a kid. It started off with the Mary Martin version of Pan. I watched the movie until the tape went bad. Then my dad took me to the theatre to see Hook  when it first opened. I was filled with joy and confusion. Joy because the movie was pure magic, and confusion because..well…why the hell did Jack and Maggie get to win the parental lottery? Pan as their father? C’mon! So not fair!!

Of course I knew that my dad was way cooler than Peter Pan…afterall, he was the one who sat me down when I was a kid and pretty much said, “You are my daughter, so you will watch these movies and we will discuss how you feel about them afterwards.”

He was talking about Star Wars…So yeah..my dad is very cool.

I’ve seen Peter Pan performed on stage, and last year, I even had the opportunity to be in the show. Helloooo primary indian dancer/Old Lady Wendy Darling. I was in heaven. If you ever have the chance to be in that show…take it…I swear I’d perform it til the end of time.

Moving on…Disney Peter Pan? Love it. Cathy Rigby is Peter Pan? LOVE IT. Even the darker version of Pan with Jeremy Sumpter (even though he was awful it was still lovely) was amazing. Finding Neverland? Brilliant. Anything PAN related is something I’ll most likely fall in love with. Hell, my ex-boyfriend was a Pan…no joke. I’m that pathetic/AWESOME.

So when I found out that SYFY was putting out a special Neverland mini-series, I was signed on.

Nothing could scare me away from it…not the word “prequel” or even the words “Tinkerbell voiced by Keira Knightly.” I was signed on. So there I sat in the living room on premiere night, watching my show. I was shocked at my openness toward a complete retelling of a story that I held so dear to my heart. I didn’t even care that Peter Pan was arriving at Neverland through an orbit. I didn’t care that Hook and Pan were once good friends. I was excited to see what new take the writers would have on this story. Afterall, the Pan characters are no longer copyright protected by the Great Ormond Children’s Hospital in London. This gives people the freedom to re-imagine the tale of individual characters and I was stoked to see what would happen…especially after the success of “Peter Pan and the Starcatchers”…which by the way is heading to Broadway under Disney Theatrical Productions.

The result was bad…

First off, I can overlook the fact that Tinkerbell has a voice. She’s supposed to be a ball of light with a quirky personality who uses facial expressions/jingle sounds etc. to communicate. But yes, I can still turn a blind-eye to all of that.

What I can’t turn a blind eye to, is Tinkerbell looking like she’s wrapped from head to toe in tin foil. It was like a dropout over at the Arts Institute wanted to seek revenge on a professor and created the damn fairy out of a drunken rage the night before getting suspended from school. It looked awful.

Bob Hoskins as Smee. It was half the reason I was so damn excited to watch the show. I mean, c’mon…he was Smee in Hook. It was a great idea. Upon his first entrance (and granted, I was bored shit-less by this point), there was no sparkle…sorry Hoskins…something was missing.

Charlie Rowe as Peter Pan. (This is my attempt at saying something positive) I approve. He was adorable. You take one look at him and think, “Well duh. He completely looks like Peter Pan. He’s tortured one minute and carefree the next. Great choice. And he holds his own and steals the scene from some of the more established actors. Unfortunately, he’s not enough to save Neverland from the dreadful special effects/CGI/etc…

I didn’t know that Neverland was supposed to look like a science project created out of styrofoam by a 2nd grader. It just looked bad. I felt like I was watching one of those poorly made science tv shows that looks so awful that you initially make fun of it, but then 15 years down the road, you find yourself celebrating it at comicon.

Next…the writing…Peter Pan and all of its characters have stood the test of time because J.M. Barrie’s original text was…lets face it…genius. It was witty, clever, analytical and so far ahead of its time. The characters in the Syfy version of Neverland are not quick-witted or even interesting. They have nothing of interest to say and they don’t stand out. It would seem like a show like this would stand on its own with little effort. Pirates. Indians. Lost Boys. Peter Pan. The truth is, you only cared about these characters because they all have genuine fears/desires/passions. And they all have something important that they need to say. Without any of this, you don’t have anything. And can I just say, worst casting of the Lost Boys ever…can someone pull the kids from “Hook” back out of retirement and bring them back? I swear, Charlie Korsmo (Jack) still looks exactly the same…they could pull it off.

Bottom-line…It was missing the magic. You can have a show about a magical place, but unless you connect with all of the elements that made it magical to begin with, you got nothing…Sorry Syfy…maybe next time…