May the mouse be with you…

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I started off working in the theme park when I was 18. Next thing I knew, I was working for the radio station..took a break, then found myself back with the Radio station. I blame it all on my parents. My mom in particular. She used to pull me out of school to take me to Disneyland. I’ve consecutively had Mickey Mouse in my life since I was a child.

I always thought that there would come a time when I would grow out of the magic of it all. There would be a time when Disney music wouldn’t make me smile. There would be a time when I wouldn’t look at a little kid and call him a little ‘prince’ or ‘princess.’ But this time never came…and I don’t think it ever will.

I’m a Disney kid born and raised. Today I stopped at Walt Disney Studios to pick up my ID for Radio Disney. I parked in visitor parking, where a security guard smiled and said, “Go into that building and please hurry back.” The visitor lot only consists of 5 spaces, so I understand his hurry, but at the same time…

I don’t want to pry myself away from a studio that has the 7 dwarves holding up one of their buildings. 

Seriously awesome architectural choice.

I get to the building I’m supposed to be in, and I stop like a lunatic to look at everything. Costumes are on display. Archives from Snow White. And finally, I land on a framed copy of the following image, and my heart all but melts…

The past couple weeks have tested the hell out of me…

I’ve learned that stress sucks. I feel like as much as I hang onto my ‘Peter Pan Complex’, that a small part of me is slowly but surely growing up. I want to live in Neverland and wish upon a star and live happily ever after. Last week, I overheard a mom tell her little girl, “You know that all of this is make believe, right? You know that all of the princesses are just cartoon characters, and that its all just a story…and that…well…its not real, right?

This whole “not real” thing was clearly important to this Mom. In the same breath, she expressed to her daughter that she needed to focus and find her center because she was acting too rowdy. For a split second, I felt bad for the little girl…

Then I felt even worse for the mom…

To this woman, it was important not to believe in magic. A belief that she held onto so tightly, that she wanted to make sure her daughter believed the same thing. Maybe this woman was let down at some point. Maybe this woman lost faith. To me, Disney and all of its magic wasn’t created for little kids…it was created for all of the kids at heart who don’t want to let go…It was created to make this whole ‘growing up ordeal’ a little bit easier to manage…



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