Blog Battle #7: When I’m old and gray…

In BLOG BATTLE on October 15, 2011 at 8:31 pm

Guess what kids…Jenny Rae and I are bringing back the BLOG BATTLE. Its time for BLOG BATTLE #7: When I’m old and gray…

Be sure to check out her blog at: http://lilraecakes.tumblr.com/post/11490968483/oldbattybroad

I was recently delirious and wrote the following status update on my personal facebook page:

When I grow up I want to be awesome.

To this day, I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. I never come up with a specific answer, because coming up with a specific answer is the same as admitting that one day, I will grow up. This fact is still unfathomable to me. I have the most severe Peter Pan Complex you can ever imagine. I still giggle. I still skip. I still laugh at the sound of the fart. These are things about me that will never change. Every day I take a flying leap out my window and escape to a place where adventure is cherished, and boring people are forced to walk the plank.

Back to the status update…

I was surprised at how quickly people hit the ‘Like’ button on that one…a couple people even commented, “you already achieved that.”

Maybe I’m already awesome, but I hope to continue to be awesome.

In fact, I hope to continue to be awesome until I’m old and gray.

I often wonder what I’ll be like when I actually grow up.

Here’s how I see myself down the road…

Hopefully I’m still married to the love of my life…and if we’re not still married, I’ll at least have two cats to keep me company during the day. I’ll wear bright obnoxious colors every day as well as over-sized hats. I’ll have grandkids. Lots of them. This I know. I’ll tell them stories. I’ll make them laugh. I’ll take them to the circus. I’ll take them anywhere, just so long as they know that life is meant to be fun. I don’t imagine that I would’ve changed much by this point in my life. I don’t imagine that I’ll suddenly be bitter or cranky. I believe that I’ll still see the world through rose colored glasses. I believe that I’ll still be a supporter of silliness and falling in love. With age comes wisdom. We learn to make better decisions. We learn not to waste our time on people who will break our hearts.

Why are people so against having a broken heart? If you get your heart broken, doesn’t that mean that you had one to begin with? It means that you were human enough to feel something for someone else, and screw the world if it didn’t work out. You were brave enough to feel something. Anything. This is what I’ll teach my grandkids. I’ll tell them not to fear making mistakes. I’ll encourage them to make mistakes. Make a plethora of them. I’ll just tell them not to be afraid of the things that life may throw their way.

I’ll tell them to stop and smell the roses. Say hello to people. Smile. Enjoy your life. You only get to live it once.

And finally, I’ll tell them to tell stories. I’ll tell them to believe in make-believe. To use their imaginations…

Wendy Darling might’ve grown up, but we all know that spunky girl would’ve still leaped out her window if she had the chance…

One of my FAVORITE shows I’ve ever done…I would do it again and again and again…Peter Pan at the Lewis Family Playhouse…and yes…I was grown up wendy…AND a fierce indian dancer.

Just for fun….

The cast video that I shot/edited…


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