Halloween lovin’

In Uncategorized on October 1, 2011 at 9:22 pm

There’s something about Halloween season that absolutely sparks something inside of me. Its that moment when you’re walking up to your apartment and the air feels differently for the first time all season. Its the time when the trees look differently and the skies darken a little earlier. That is the time of year when my love-o-meter skyrockets. I always feel lovey dovey around this time of year.

Which makes no sense.

I don’t know how to explain it. Valentine’s Day makes me question myself and overanalyze myself until I unconvincingly yell, “I don’t care that I’m single. I’m independent. I’m awesome. I’m….where’s the wine?”

There is something honorable about this time of year. A time of year where love is the furthest thing from people’s minds that makes me want it even more. I’ll see a carved pumpkin and instantly want to snuggle up with someone on a couch and watch Hocus Pocus or other forms of awesomeness. Yes, I’m making it official guys…this is the season to fall in love. This is the time to be crazy. I want to be chased by zombies and bitten by vampires. I want to stay out late under a full moon. I want to risk everything and run free. After all, some romances were destined to happen around this time of year…


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