BLOG BATTLE #6: When I was 10…

In BLOG BATTLE on June 30, 2011 at 4:34 am

BLOG BATTLE #6: What did you think you would be doing with your life when you were 10 years old?

To read my opponent’s blog, check out: http://lilraecakes.tumblr.com/post/7070565961/blogbattleround6    

When I was a kid, my parents used to watch me write my own bedtime stories for them to read to me at night. I was a writer from the beginning. When I was 10, I figured that when I “grew up,” I’d be writing children’s books. My character, “Dawdle the Duck” popped up in all of my stories. It seems like most kids have a solid list of things they want to be when they grow up. They want to be an astronaut. Or a teacher. Anything. Kids usually know. I didn’t know. I went with writer because it was something I enjoyed, but I refused to set anything that had to do with my future in stone.

Instead, I focused on more realistic goals…

Like flying.

When I was 10, I wanted to grow up to be a person capable of flying. I was obsessed with Hook from the moment it hit theaters. I spent my childhood swinging on a rope in my gramma’s backyard trying to figure out how to take photos of myself on the rope and make the rope disappear…to add to the illusion that I was actually flying. When that didn’t work, I tried to summon powers of the wind Power Ranger style and make myself capable of flying. It didn’t work out so well. At 26 years old, I have discovered how to fly. If you have some money, take a trip to Cancun and go parasailing. My friend swears the waters were shark-infested. I swear I felt like I was flying. If you’re poor, here’s the poor man’s guide to flying.

1) Get in your car.

2) Take off shoes, turn on car.

3) Drive up freeway on-ramp at full speed with every window down.

4) Prop feet up on your seat.

5) Blast music.

6) Yell something. Anything.

7) This, my friends….is the equivalent to flying.

When I was 10…I assumed that I would always get along with my family. That I would never fight with them. Disagree with them. Question them. Nowadays…I have my disagreements with my family. Everything we have been through has made us stronger. We stand up for ourselves. We voice out the problems when we have them. They have taught me how to communicate. How to be honest. How to be real.

When I was 10, I thought that “growing up” happens in one moment. I thought that you were a child, and then a minute later…you’re a grownup…

Here’s what I’ve learned…that idea is a crock of poo.

I have yet to grow up. A lot of people do. I’ve been working in some sort of customer service job since I was 18. I’ve met a lot of people. I’ve been watching how they interact for a long time.

This is what I know: Not everyone is silly. Not everyone talks non-stop. Not everyone gets giddy. Not everyone has a spring in their step. I’ve met people in their 60’s who have every one of these traits…these are the people who have never truly grown up. They have stayed a child at heart. The other day, someone mentioned that they noticed that I’m always smiling. I try to always smile. There’s always something to be excited about. There’s always a reason to be happy. It is easy for adulthood to drain the joy out of things. Bills will never go away. Unfairness will never go away. The one thing that can remain constant, is how you choose to view your world. I view mine the same way I’ve been seeing it since I was 10..I still see this damn place as beautiful. It always will be.

Also…when I was 10, I never imagined that I’d have an occupation where my job was to hang out with Mickey Mouse…

Or battle Vader….

And I definitely never thought that someone would pay me to talk about movies….

10-year-old me was pretty awesome. 26-year-old me is not too bad herself…

  1. clearly, my step 6 (and i’m guessing yours, too) would be:


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