Summer Movie Season: Winner…SUPER 8.

In Movie Reviews on June 25, 2011 at 9:28 pm

Super heroes. Villains. Little kids saving the world. Bring it summer movie season. Bring. It.

There are some hits and misses….here are my silly opinions and rants on the subject.


I genuinely wanted to fall in love with it. It could’ve been the next 500 Days of Summer….if they would’ve stuck to a story format. Its worth it for the performances. Ewan McGregor is completely charming as usual…even though he is a hopeless mess. His leading lady stole the movie for me. She made me want to be french and smoke cigarettes and rollerskate through hallways in the middle of the night.

The dialogue is witty and clever. I like what the writer was going for…but it didn’t quite follow through. Director Mike Mills started out as a graphic designer, so you can expect a stylized film, however, it misses that final punch that it needs to grab you emotionally. There was zero climax for me. Still…its worth checking it out. If anything, see it for Christopher Plummer.

The Green Lantern.

I really wanted to love this one as well. I enjoyed the two hours of Ryan Reynold’s ripped body and comedic timing. Perfect choice for the role. The story was interesting, but for me…there were too many holes in the story…as well as too many visual effects gone wrong. It felt like an episode of Power Rangers on a saturday morning hyped up on visual speed. It was too much at times. Peter Sarsgaard was fantastic. I loved every scene he was in. Blake Lively as the leading lady though? She wasn’t bad. And I love her as a brunette. But the whole time, I kept thinking, “When the hell is she going to check her text messages to see what gossip girl has to say about all of this?” I would’ve liked to see someone a little older in this role. Also, her weave was a hot mess.

I did however, enjoy the subtle tribute to Superman….you know the scene: Superman flies onto Margot Kidder’s patio and seduces her. The Green Lantern did the same thing…only this time, his leading lady wasn’t holding a glass of wine and discussing her panties and lead walls. All the same…I loved it.

The winner for me….was Super 8.

If Goonies and Lost had a love child, you’d get Super 8.

Not gonna lie, I actually cried a single tear. I laughed. I jumped. And the kids were adorable. It reminded me of the movies I grew up with. 2 hours of fantastic nostalgia and thrills. Elle Fanning stole my heart. They all did. I’m not going to say much on the movie. Just go see it. And enjoy.

  1. k…i totally wanted to see super 8 before i read this. i love jj and everything i’ve heard or read about it from anyone is a rave. you take the cake though. somehow, you made me want to see it even more. goonies and lost had a love child? you, my dear, are full of win for that turn of phrase. also, the fact you chose those two specifically to make your point brings you close to my heart. 🙂

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