Blog Battle #5: Who let da nerd in da club?

In BLOG BATTLE on June 3, 2011 at 2:40 am

Blog Battle #5: J-RAE VS. JENKO

Topic: Who let the nerd in da club?

Clubs are the equivalent to high school dances….but worse.

If you aren’t half-naked, bumping and grinding, and flat on your face drunk…the guys won’t pay any attention to you…

or so i thought….

I went to Eden…one of the hipster clubs in Hollywood last week.

And I need to preface this by saying….

I left my club days (the very few that I had) behind me looooong ago. It’s just not my scene. I’d rather be in a dive bar with a cheap beer any day of the week. I don’t understand the mentality behind $15 drinks, and I’m sorry…but meeting guys in clubs is not only strange to me…it’s just unhealthy.

So with all this in mind…I went to a club…

Showed up around 10 for a friend’s b-day party…and not gonna lie…I felt out of my element. All of my “club clothes” aka…half dresses, mini-barely there skirts, naked dresses…were all in storage. The best I could do was a sundress…and flip flops. I didn’t pre-drink. I had no skin to show. And my moves on the dance floor would’ve made Steve Urkel shudder.

With all of this said, my night went a little something like this:

Whipped out my nerdy dance moves, and it still attracted guys.

Free bottle service.

Got kissed on the cheek by some random dude wandering by.

Got grabbed by another dude who wanted to introduce me to his friends.

Got gawked at, hit on…it was obnoxious.

Here’s the thing…I went into it not caring. Not looking for guys. And somehow, every guy I came into contact with not only noticed it…but was digging it.


If you’re going to the clubs religiously to meet men…we had it wrong all along. Here’s my advice to you. Spend 5 minutes getting ready. Run a comb through your hair. Don’t spend more than 4 minutes on your makeup. And be your awesome nerdy self. People actually dig it more….

Opponent’s Battle Response available at: http://lilraecakes.tumblr.com/

  1. I’ve never been into clubs either. Perhaps for the very reason that people try way too hard. More women should embrace their inner nerd and be themselves. It’s way sexier. The real question is though, would the same strategy work for guys? Would females be as responsive to approaches from guys who were just casual and being themselves?

    • i think that the type of girl that you’d want to meet in a club would respond to that type of guy. When I go to a club, I just want to be silly and let my hair down. I’m not drawn to the guys who are trying to hard or are being sleazy. I’m more likely to approach the guy who has a beer in his hand, wearing a pair of jeans, and chilling in a corner somewhere.

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