Blog Battle #3: Battle of the Disney Princesses

In BLOG BATTLE on May 15, 2011 at 3:41 am

That’s right kids…time for BLOG BATTLE #3: JRAE VS. JENKO

Topic: Battle of the Disney Princesses. 

If you had to pick one princess who outshines the rest…who would you pick?

My choice is none other than Ariel…

To start off this particular blog battle, lets take a look at the super awesome reasons to adore all the other princesses.

And no…I’m not gonna mention every princess. If you’re a fan of “Mulan” or “Princess and the Frog”…sorry…I’m just kicking it oldskool…aka…princess movies that were playing when I was still a kid…So here we go.

Snow White: Let’s face it…I’m probably the most similar to her…we’re both pale, and we’re both sporting the bob. She gets to live with 7 little men and spends her time singing to inanimate objects as well as animals. Her biggest worry in life is being too pretty, because people want her dead for this very reason…Why didn’t I pick Snow White? She didn’t really accomplish anything…she was forced to run away…it wasn’t a choice she made on her own. Her biggest accomplish was teaching people the highlights of using soap.

Cinderella: She gets a fairy god-mother, and a pumpkin that turns into a fabulous coach. Not only is she saving up the ass on car insurance, but her pets sew her clothes for her…while mine merely stink up the litter box. So why didn’t I pick Cindy? She gets pitied for having to do chores…big deal…I have to pay bills…grow up Cindy. Also, she gets to lie to beautiful men about why she can’t stay out late, and they still go chasing after her.

Jasmine: Strong, independent and she can pull off a bare midriff. She gets mad props for not wanting to follow protocol and get married just because she’s “supposed” to….why didn’t she get it? Because Aladdin is hot…and she originally turned him down…silly girl.

Belle: It would seem like Belle would be the obvious choice. She’s intelligent, witty and not willing to jump into a relationship with the town douche-bag. However, she forms friendships with talking tupperware and she has a strong belief that she can change a man. Silly Belle…accept the Beast for who he is…he’s bitter…get off your high horse.

Aurora: Homegirl rocks. Her hair rocks. She has not 1…not 2…but 3 fairies watching out for her. She gets to waltz with a prince in the forest…and in the midst of all the chaos, she gets to take a nap. Why not Aurora? She was incapable of taking care of herself…she simply turned everything around her into a hot mess. Props for getting a hot makeout sesh to wake you up…You go girl.



Sure, there are numerous reasons why Ariel should not win the title…She gives up some sick fins and an awesome voice just to be on dry land. She ditches her family and friends for the idea of a “better life,” and who the hell knows if it’ll actually be “better?” But here’s why I love Ariel…I loved her since I was a little kid. In fact, I had the fish netting hanging all over my room filled with dingelhoppers. Ariel knows what she wants outta life and she goes for it…she might not know exactly what she’s getting herself into, but she’s brave enough to take the chance. She’s not afraid to ditch something normal to try something different. Plus, lets face it…she has GREAT taste in men. Eric is definitely in the top 3 group of hot disney princes…the other two are definitely Aladdin and Philip. She’s goofy, curious and downright quirky. Congratulations Ariel. You’re not without your flaws, but you’re still frickin’ rad.

Be sure to check out J.Rae’s blog at: http://lilraecakes.tumblr.com/post/5501834397/blogbattleround3


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