Blog Battle #2: Victim of a Strong Personality

In BLOG BATTLE on April 30, 2011 at 11:15 pm

It’s time for BLOG BATTLE #2: JRAE VS. JENKO.

Topic: What is it like to be the victim of a strong personality?

I’m loud.

I snort when I laugh.

I don’t have a social censor.

I constantly have diarrhea of the brain. I say whatever happens to be on my mind.

If you were to become acquainted with the child version of myself, I could guarantee you would not recognize me. I was terrified of people as a child. I never talked to anyone. ‘Shy’ doesn’t even to begin to describe what I was going through.

When in public with my mom, people would always say ‘hello’ to me or try to talk to me….and I would completely shut down. My mom tried to explain to me that if I continued this behavior into adulthood, people would think that I was being mean….when honestly, I was scared shitless. 

Being a total cliche, theatre and band were the two things that snapped me out of it.

My grandma took me to see plays and musicals religiously from the time I was 3…I wanted to be up on that stage from the time I was a kid…but being so intensely shy, I was terrified to audition. I finally got the courage to audition for my first musical my sophomore year of high school. From there on out, I was in love. I did every play and every musical…not taking a break from it all until my 3rd year of college. Performing pulled me out of my shell. I felt like I was allowed to be kooky. I was allowed to be silly.

I was allowed to be me.

Fast-forward a few years later…and I’m 26 and waaay too comfortable in my own skin. I’m still loud. I’m still obnoxious. There are some pitfalls to being ridiculously awesome.

Most of the time people think I’m drunk. I’m a little too ‘free.’ People who don’t know me think that I’m intoxicated 24/7.

My life is an open book…which sounds comforting…until I open the book a little too wide…it tends to make people uncomfortable.

Also, I’m the girl who guys fall in love with a little too quickly. They’re drawn in by my adorable snort laugh and my love of lightsabers. Then…they take a step back and realize what they’re in for, and they run the other direction.

Which is fine…but it is one of the pitfalls of having a strong personality.

I have 2 cats…does this mean I’m destined to be alone? Probably not. I’m not complaining about being single. I do ‘single’ way better than ‘relationship.’…plus…there are some definite perks to having a strong personality.

For one, I’m a biiig dreamer….and I go for it. I’m the one who says that I’d like to write a play, then I’ll turn around and do it…or I’m the girl who never worked backstaged in her life, and said, ‘Hey, I can handle being an ASM.” I honestly believe sky’s the limit, and I hate it when people try to tell me otherwise. Most of the time, I admit I’m completely unrealistic with the things I want or the things I can achieve…but damn…there’s a way…I know there is.

To all the nerds, big dreamers or awkward teens who are still coming into your own, you are lovely…and I promise you, you’re going to be alright.

To read my opponents Battle Blog, please visit her at: http://lilraecakes.tumblr.com/post/5078186192/blogbattleround2


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