The dog days are over.

In Sexy Nerd. on April 28, 2011 at 5:30 pm

The dog days are over in the sense that I no longer look like a train wreck.

One morning I looked at myself in the mirror and said, “Guuurl, you’re a hot mess minus the hot.”

I went to the salon the next day and dropped my birthday money and said, “Cut this damn hair so short that I never have to pull it into a ponytail, and make me kinda look like April O’Neil.”

Turtle Power, yo. Turtle Power.

In college I studied Broadcast Journalism. My parents have been pushing for me to be a writer ever since I was a kid, and they discovered I was illustrating and writing my own children’s books. Being a typical kid, I’ve always tried to convince myself and my parents that writing was not my calling, and that you don’t just happen to fall upon something you’re supposed to do for the rest of your life when you’re only a child.

When I got to college, I proved that whole theory wrong. After switching majors at least 3 times and turning down the opportunity to study theatre at Chapman, I wound up studying journalism at Cal State Fullerton. My parents had a good, “We told you so” laugh.

I love it. Not going to lie about that. Writing is the single best way I express myself.

And apparently, I was so fated to be a writer/journalist of some kind, that my doppelgangers continuously fall within the nerdy realm of sick journalistas in the world.

Doppelganger #1:

Margot Kidder as the ball busting/trouble maker Lois Lane:

Journalist #2

April O’ Neil

So there ya go…I chopped my hair and still managed to look like a journalist from the nerd world. And I’m completely ok with that.

P.S…”The Dog Days Are Over” has been stuck in my head for a solid week and a half.

Every time I hear it on the radio, I still act like this little kid…


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