If you give a mouse a cookie: The theory.

In Uncategorized on April 26, 2011 at 5:17 am

If you give a mouse a cookie…its gonna want some milk. You all know the story. You know it because you live it.

Every. single. day.

I feel like the damn mouse so much lately. I wanted a 2nd job so that I’d be busier and get my bills paid without having to navigate the strategic world of bill collectors. Got the 2nd job, then I wanted the apartment in L.A. so that I could live closer to everything. After I get the apartment, I can assure you I’ll want to upgrade from a studio to a 1-bedroom. After I do that, I’ll want a man in my life, because I will be too lazy to clean the damn apartment, and I’ll need someone around to help me out. After I have the dude in my life, I’ll want him to buy me a vacation to Europe, or least keep me company while I watch cheesy horror flicks at random times throughout the night. Then, I’ll want to genetically engineer my kids or at least take a butt-load of Invitro so that I can pop out twins. Then, I’ll wanna name them ridiculous things like Pepper and Nutmeg just for my own entertainment.

Are we ever truly satisfied?

We spend the majority of our time working our asses off to better ourselves and to get ready for that next big thing.


What is that next big thing supposed to be?

There are things I’m doing now that would’ve impressed the hell outta 22-year old me…

But what is 26-year old me doing?

26-year old me is scheming. 26-year old me is racing against the clock to make things better rather than enjoying the place I’ve gotten myself to…

Do we ever sit back and breathe?

Or maybe we only achieve anything because we’re constantly pushing for that next big thing.

I always feel like I’m the mouse.

I’m always looking for the ‘what’s next.’

I guess I’m afraid that I’m going to wake up one day, and regret that I didn’t stop and breathe…and enjoyed the things that I had when I had them.


Did I just get too depressing?  I’m making myself uncomfortable. Damn. I’m going to watch an episode or 2 or 3 of Cheers.

Goodnight moon. Goodnight stars. Hellooo bed. You are looking more sexy to me right now then a cocktail balancing on the naked chest of a cabana boy in South Africa. 

  1. ERIKA. I can’t tell you how serendipitous your post is to me right now. I just came off a fueling journaling session with myself about the above topic, thinking about how the grass is always greener and will I ever really be happy? Ugh. I feel ya girl. I wish there was an answer, but all I have is a thank you for wording what I’m feeling and that you’re not alone in this…Let’s blame capitalism.

    • thanks for the sweet response!
      I think it takes bravery to go for the things you love…but lately, I’m finding that the only down-side is…you keep pushing and pushing yourself to do it BETTER…rather than smiling once in awhile and enjoying what you actually did…not sure if there is really an answer out there for it, but glad to know that others are in the same boat…hope you’re doing well!

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