Any excuse to dress up.

In Adventures with Jenko on April 15, 2011 at 7:11 am

I will take any excuse I can to dress up.

I don’t mean the, “Oh darling, look at your fabulous cocktail dress” kinda dress-up.

I mean…dressing up like a ho-fo-sho…

Most of what happened on this evening is still talked about 5 years later...the video footage is somewhere...

Going completely wild. Letting your hair down. Being someone else for one frickin’ night. Costume parties are my main thrill in life. In fact, I think the main reason I ever wanted to act, was to play dress-up all the time. Here’s the archival database of all the things I’ve been willing to wear…

"Anything Goes"...circa high school. I was a ham.

Jade. The school nerd. My ONLY film credit. Go imdb "Attack at Zombie High"...the only dancing zombie musical. AWESOME.


White Trash Bash.


Sorority Girl on Glory Daze.

Beer Pong Olympics. Team Scotland.

the monkey and the bush.

The belly dancer parade unit...to promote the "indy fans" documentary


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