Tangled: The nerdy hero is making a comeback.

In Netflix Movie Reviews on April 8, 2011 at 9:19 pm

I’ve realized that the majority of my movie-watching is done through Netflix, rather than cable or actually going out to the movies. With that said, as of today, I started off the Netflix Movie Reviews category (off to the right hand side), to post reviews of the discs I receive…and to update you on the super SICK finds I come across on instant. Keep an eye out for my review of Due Date, starring Robert Downey Jr.

First off, I finally saw Tangled. It’s the one I wanted to see in theaters, and it just didn’t happen. Nonetheless, SO glad I got to see it.

I figure most of you have already seen the film, so rather than write saying I thought it was awesome, I’m gonna point out some of the geeky elements of the film.

First off, you all know the story. Rapunzel is kidnapped from royal parentals, and grounded for life by an evil witch of a woman. Rapunzel has hair that also serves as weaponry and transportation.

AND, when she sings it glows and heals people.

Rapunzel realizes that she doesn’t wanna be grounded in the tower for life anymore, so she hatches an escape plan and ends up on an adventure with Flynn Rider…the trouble maker in town who helps her to find the magic lanterns that are released every year in hopes of finding the lost princess.

Here’s what I thought:

Go Disney. Frickin’ go Disney.

I can’t remember the last time we had a Disney Princess whose birth parents are still married. The last time this happen just might have been Sleeping Beauty. Since then, every princess has had to endure living in a 1-parent household. Cinderella=lived with evil stepmother. Ariel=Lived with Dad…the king of the sea. Where was mom? Etc. Etc.

Also, I can’t remember the last time we had a nerdy hero. Eric was a smooth-talker who sailed around on a ship and fought sea witches for the love of Ariel. Philip knew how to waltz through the forest and slay dragons for Aurora. The beast wasn’t a nerd. He was just rad. The bad boy. A bad ass. Out-spoken. Aladdin is closest to being considered a nerd…but he stole stuff…making him a stereotypical bad boy…therefore, he doesn’t count. Flynn Rider on the other hand…First off, his real name is Eugene. Not a horribly nerdy name, but his nerdiness kicks into gear during every fight scene when you realize that Rapunzel is usually capable of defending herself thanks to the help of a cooking pan.

And how cool was it that Rapunzel wasn’t a total cliche princess? She’s kinda awkward and gawky. And her hair is ridiculously AWESOME. To top it off, she is probably the most level-headed of all the princesses. Best part of the film: Rapunzel says, “I think I might like him.”

I think I might like him.

Since when did that EVER HAPPEN in the history of Disney fairytales? I grew up with princesses that were head over heels in love after catching a glimpse of the prince from across the room. Now, here’s a princess who has spent a butt-load of time actually getting to know a guy, and she safely says, “I think I might like him.” I have a feeling that my generation, is going to start to see a huge change in the world of fairy tales. My kids someday are gonna be making fun of mommy saying, “Mom, there is no such thing as love at first sight. It takes work, you know. I learned that from the fairy tales.”

Things are so different now…maybe its something were ready for.

But please Disney, I beg of you. MORE nerdy heroes. Especially ones voiced by Zach Levi.

And not gonna lie…I cried more than once. GREAT movie.

  1. AHHH I KNOW RIGHT? I finally saw it earlier this week when I bought it. And watched it again last night. And will probably watch it again today. I’m completely in love with Eugene. If you look at my profile picture on facebook, it’s me and him at Disneyland haha.
    And I’ve been reading your blog, and love it so far. And now finally commenting on it haha.

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