The Viking.

In Adventures with Jenko on April 1, 2011 at 5:55 am

Adventures in housing: Adventure #2.

Today was a weird day.

It was my one conceivable day off of the week, which meant a couple things:

Do laundry. Finalize everything in my room so that its ready when we show the house. Apartment hunt via craigslist.

Most of the day was spent hitting the refresh button on the craigslist apartment postings.



More bullshit.


even more bullshit.

I’m too poor for Burbank. I’m way too poor for Toluca Lake. I can’t afford the parts of Noho that I’d care to live in. I’m too lazy to drive to Van Nuys.

Suddenly, out of left field, Glendale became an option. I could either suck it up and live super close to work and pay up the ass for it, or I could live a couple exits down the freeway and pay a little less…and I happened upon Glendale.

The first posting in Glendale that I noticed was within my price range…and thank god for google maps. It has saved me hours of driving through crappy parts of town thanks to the “street view” option. So, the apartment had hard-wood floors. Awesome. Garage parking. Even more awesome. Pet friendly. Schweeeeet. Safe looking street.

So I read off the street name to my mom, and she instantly screams “no” which is an unfair reaction. She didn’t even look at the street view.

I said she was being unreasonable.

She said she knew the complex, “The Viking” well.

Turns out, it was the same complex my grandpa had lived in back in the 60’s. He had jumped around to different units throughout the complex, and as it turns out, the unit # that was available was the same unit he had once lived in.

It was unreal.

My grandpa passed away about 14 years ago…but I remember that apartment. I remember going to visit him with my mom when I was a kid, and racing up the stone staircase all the way up to the front door. I remember going from that apartment to the auto repair shop that he owned in Hollywood. I remember that part of town always being a part of my childhood.

Its just strange to me that out of all the places to live…I stumbled upon his place.

Its strange how everything changes.

As a kid, I always thought that Hollywood was a glamorous town filled to the brim with movie stars. It didn’t dawn on the kid-version of myself that I was literally visiting Hollywood every week to see him at work. The kid-version of myself had also assumed that Glendale was Hollywood. Anywhere my grandpa was, I figured it was “hollywood.” Not the “hollywood” you would expect, but I loved it nonetheless.

My mom’s connection to the LA area always surprises me. You can give her any cross-street, and she knows it like the back of her hand. My mom was a figure skater growing up and all through high school…like most athletes and actors living in the area, my mom went to Hollywood Professional School…the alumni includes Betty Grable, Bobby Driscoll, Melanie Griffith…its insane. She used to hang out with Butch Patrick and Maureen McCormick.

And now, here we are…my mom telling me stories about an apartment that was such a significant part of her life…an apartment that might become a significant part of mine.

We’re gonna go look at the place together tomorrow. The neighborhood has changed a lot since he lived there. I have a feeling my mom is about to say farewell to old ghosts…and I’m about to welcome them back.


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