it’s. not. fair.

In Sexy Nerd. on March 28, 2011 at 5:01 am

I own two kitties.

And I face endless scrutiny by society for this.

Hearing chants of cat lady in my ear.

Most of the harassment comes from myself. Because I know that its ridiculous to be 26 and single with 2 cats. I’ve decided to embrace it. Being a cat lady is about to get sexy. I hope you all can handle it. It’s not gonna be like, “Oh watch out…there’s crazy cat lady jenko…”

Instead, it’s gonna be…”watch out. It’s crazy cat lady jenko…and she looks hot.”

I’m gonna have to channel Katy Perry on this one. Apparently its Katy’s new goal in life to make the cat lady “cool” again.

Were we ever cool though? I mean, really?

And here’s the deal…

It’s just not fair.

Katy Perry, is…well.

Katy Perry.

She can say that that being a cat lady is sexy, and you’ll believe it.

Meaning, you’ll believe that she is a sexy cat lady. Her cats have cutesy names like Krusty and Kitty Purry or some shit like that.

My cats are 2 awesome strays I adopted, and they’ve been crowned with the names, Eva Donut and Crunch-bite Caboose…however his name consistently grows and its more like “Sir Captain Crunch-bite Caboose” at this point.

I’m grateful for miss perry. Cats are the shit. Maybe she will make it sexy once again. And if not, I guess it all rests in my hands. I will find a way.


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