You say goodbye. I say hello.

In Adventures with Jenko on March 25, 2011 at 8:30 pm

I think its easy to forget the power of saying hello to someone.

The power of holding the elevator for someone.

The power of taking the time to remember someone’s name.

I’m exhausted lately.

Not “i hate my life/what am I doing/routine/bull-shit exhausted.

Its the good kind. The kind where money is going into the bank, and car payments are getting made on time. The kind where I had extra money to upgrade to animal style fries at In N’ Out yesterday, and I felt like the richest frickin’ person on the planet.

But I’m still tired. My body automatically wakes up around 5am at this point…but I need caffeine. And by 9pm, I’m of no use to anyone.

Its easy to get wrapped up in your own life. Your own problems. Because lets face it, aren’t we all the center of our own universe? We are. Its ok to admit that. But once in awhile, look up. Just look up.

I might not be wearing a cape, but when I hold the elevator for someone at the parking structure at work, you’d think I just saved their day. There’s this parking attendant who works the check-in booth at WB. He’s there every day when I leave. I remember him from my first day of work. I was stressed and not even sure if I had parked in the right place, and I remember him telling me not to be nervous and he could tell it was my first day. He helped me out with parking. Now, I see Tino every day as I leave the lot… he even insists that I call him “T.” Whenever I leave, I take the time to roll down the window, and yell good bye to him. It makes my day to know that someone cares if I had a good day. That someone has taken the time to remember who I am, even though tons of people go through that lot every day. As I leave the lot every day, I actually look forward to seeing him on the way out. Its a small slice of regularity in a world that can be a bully…a world that can hit you when you’re down. But the nice people in this mean world…are the ones who make all the difference.


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