sucker punch.

In Movie Reviews on March 25, 2011 at 9:09 pm

I got the opportunity to catch a screening of Sucker Punch before it hit theaters today…and here’s what I thought.

I went into the film knowing visually the movie would look pretty frickin’ cool. Yes, I was intoxicated when I saw 300 so I’m not sure how valid my opinion is, but I remember thinking, “Whoa. This shit looks awesome.”

Now, I loved 300 because it was oozing with half-naked men. Would I still enjoy Sucker Punch? 2 hours of zero eye candy?

It is very clear that Sucker Punch is targeted at the male audience. This is not the film for the tweens who are obsessed with Vanessa Hudgens. Even though this is a girl power film, its really not for lil girls who are looking for role-models to look up to. Primarily because of the obscene amount of violence….which was awesome.

Here’s how I describe Sucker Punch. If a 2 hour music video made love to a graphic novel and banged a video game on the side…you’d have Sucker Punch. The first 10 minutes of the film literally gave me chills. No dialogue mixed with the best soundtrack I’ve heard in awhile. If you’re a soundtrack nerd such as myself, see the movie at least for the music. Here’s a soundtrack sampling below…frickin’ amazing.

I might see the movie again…just for the music. Seriously.

Its the typical Cinderella story. Girl’s parents die. Girl is stuck with evil step-parent. Step-parent locks her up in her room (but this time her “room” is a mental institution). Evil-step parent will convince her that her dreams cannot become a reality…aka…homegirl is gonna get a lobotomy in 5 days. Girl is forced to scrub the floors of the institution, but she occasionally saves the day by threatening the chef so that her buddy doesn’t get raped. The girl dives into her imagination to escape the pain, and happens upon her own fairy god mother…an old dude who tells her she needs 5 objects to escape: A map. Fire. Knife. Key…and something else that she’s gotta figure out on her own because only her heart knows what it is. And in keeping with the cinderella theme, the god mother dude says cheesy things like, “If you can’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” But all in all, he’s awesome. Rather than singing to the birds, our homegirl BabyDoll has a talent for seductively dancing for the men. And the seductive dancing helps her escape into her imagination where awesome music plays and she blows up robots and an occasional dragon swoops in.

Not gonna lie. It’s a good story. There’s a lot at risk. There are, however, holes in the story. There are characters that aren’t truly developed. But all in all, the idea is fantastic. The way certain fantasies weave in and out are really cool…if you go into it wanting to be entertained…you will.

I adored Emily Browning (Babydoll). But I think I loved her hair and fake eyelashes even more. I had about 10 moments during the film where I wanted to walk out…to go to CVS and by me some fake lashes and look as bad-ass as her. Browning was great in the lead. Very little dialogue, but capable of telling the story through other means. I was indifferent to Hudgens….she’s grown a little bit since her days of High School Musical…but it seemed like she was trying to channel Mimi from her stint at the Hollywood Bowl, rather than the character itself. I was disappointed in Jena Malone. She’s a total bad-ass in every action scene, but as soon as she has to deliver a line it’s waaaay overdone. Things I’ve learned: Malone is great at crying on cue. Still love her though. She kicked ass in Saved.

But then again, this is not the movie that you see for the acting. The action scenes are fantastic. I wanted to sign-up for stunt woman school, buy some fish nets, cake on the eyeliner, and go to a shooting range. I mean seriously. They’re wearing heels in every scene. They’re frickin’ rockstars. I know this movie is aimed at men, but I loved it.

So how do I feel about Zach Snyder directing Superman: Man of Steel?

I think it’ll be cool. Its a great cast, and it’ll be a totally different look. Bring it on.


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