I’m such a hippie.

In Rants on March 16, 2011 at 6:14 am

2 days of work in a row, and I’m practically haggard.

But its definitely a good thing…

I’m just sleepy.

Evita has hit the ground running. I got a new job. And my other job is starting to catch its stride once again. The play I wrote is finishing up with the pre-production process.

I love it.

Thank goodness for red lipstick. At the end of a long day when you feel like you look like ass, red lipstick somehow fixes the world.

As does knee-high boots.

Iced tea.

Too much coffee…

And the soundtrack to Hook.

Yes. It was playing during the meeting, and I felt like a frickin’ little kid in a candy store during a blowout sale on Mars in a cartoon movie. It was that good.

My mom did something today that shocked the shit out of me.

She is a serial cell-dialer. She’s the type of person who calls you once…and if you don’t pick up, she refuses to leave a v-mail..she’ll just keep dialing, until either you answer the phone…

or lose your mind…

Suddenly, I look at my phone at some point tonight..and I have 4 missed calls from her…

Did the world explode?

I honestly can’t figure out what the emergency is…

So I text her: At work…you ok?

It turns out, she was buying new bedding from pottery barn…she’s staging all of the rooms in the house before she sells it, and she wanted me to approve some bedding before she buys it…so that I can keep it after the house sells….

And as it turns out…her and my dad have excellent taste.

Kudos mom and dad.

I’m getting ready to go to sleep…

I changed my fb profile photo to something a little more “serious looking.”

me as a padawan back in the day….is it strange that that is the only time you’d catch me with a serious expression?

Note to self: Clean out Short Round. My jeep is a mess. It looks like a homeless person is living inside of it. And i wouldn’t be surprised. I left my windows down today on accident..like a dumb-ass.

P.S….i am shocked at the feat of strength I went through this morning..not sure if that last sentence was gramatically correct.

Don’t really care either.


For breakfast, I ordered an oatmeal combo from McDonalds..but I thought I’d still be hungry, so I ordered an extra breakfast sandwich..but they screwed up my order and made the “extra sandwich,” an “extra sandwich combo.” So I sat in my car with 2 combos…and ate BOTH of them.



G’night world. Go to bed for crying out loud.


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