In Movie Reviews on March 11, 2011 at 9:36 pm

Last night I got out of rehearsal…and the first thing I do is…go on facebook. I don’t think Zuckerberg had any idea just how powerful facebook would become, esp in times like this. So, special thanks to the facebook kid for making it possible for me to know that my friends in Japan are safe and sound. Sending all my love to my friends working on entertainment contracts in Japan. Love to all the friends from Japan who have shown so much care in visiting and keeping in touch over the years.

Last night I ended the day by watching Exit Through the Gift Shop. A phenomenal film. I was always that person who would hang out of my car on the freeway and snap photos of graffiti art. I remember taking a photo of a sign that I ran across in Hollywood awhile back…the sign read, “Life is Beautiful.” It was a photo I had taken by hanging out the passenger side of the car at a red light. I didn’t know the significance of the sign when I had taken the photo…I just thought it was a damn good message. Turns out, it was a publicity poster for one of the main artists in Exit Through the Gift Shop. I completely fell head over heels in love with the art of Banksy. I think his style coincides with the type of art I’ve been digging for awhile….back in college, we were asked to write a paper on the meaning of art. Ya…it was that type of paper. I remember walking through the college art gallery of safe art…and running across a broken down shopping cart full of trash….A shopping cart that was put on display. I argued that that was art. It pissed off most of the class. I remember thinking it was beautiful. And after watching that movie last night, and having that whole “Life is Beautiful” photo come full circle….all I have to say…is Banksy frickin’ rocks. See the beauty in everything. Love everything.


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