Catwoman is sexy…Catlady is not.

In Sexy Nerd. on March 10, 2011 at 9:24 pm

I spent the morning watching Batman. You know…the 1966 AWESOME version with Adam West and Burt Ward. Best part is when Batman emerges from the ocean with a plastic shark hanging off his leg. It is GENIUS. Moving on…

So watching the movie, I started to feel a little nostalgic. I was obsessed with the wam/pow/kablowee version of Batman as a kid. Watched every episode…saw the movie a billion times…and I believed that I was Catwoman.

As a kid, recess time meant I was Catwoman, and I wasn’t hanging out on the 4-square turf…I was hanging out in the batcave…more like trapped in the batcave. Trapped with my hands tied above my head. I honestly don’t remember if my classmates had in fact found rope, or if this was all in my imagination…I do remember having a profound crush on Robin…the Burt Ward version…

And I do remember that Batman was never a part of this whole “the playground is the batcave” ritual. In fact, the only villain (other than myself) present, was the riddler. My memory cannot provide the correct facts at the moment. Either the Riddler was the one tying me up in the cave (as ordered by catwoman of course), or…Riddler was doing the saving…

Cut to present day: I guess The Riddler can symbolize every guy I date…I still don’t have men figured out..and I’m completely ok with that.

As for me..I’m no longer Catwoman..I’m Catlady…I own two lil retards named after Red vs. Blue characters..and they’re awesome. Its not as sexy as being Catwoman…but meh…life happens.


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