The Clark Kent Complex.

In Superheroes. on March 8, 2011 at 5:57 am

I recently watched Superman for the first time…ever.

I know, right?

I find it hard to believe that a nerd such as myself has only just seen the film for the first time last week…however, I’ve always been familiar with the story.

I’m starting to realize that there is such a thing as the Clark Kent Complex.

What is it, you ask? It’s simple.

Before I go into details, let me make it clear that I think that I’m an awful lot like Lois Lane. Feel free to argue, but more than one person has told me that my fb doppelganger should be Margot Kidder 😉

Here’s the scoop. Back in college, I was a journalism major. I freelanced for the school paper, and I was a feature writer for a magazine before graduation day. I’ve always had some sort of idea of what I want out of life, and I definitely know how to get myself into rotten situations…if there’s a girl out there who needs saving..its me. I drive my car 40-50 miles after the gas light has gone off. I get my oil changed once my mileage is over 3,000 miles past the recommendation. I date the wrong guys. I stay out late on nights when I should be in bed early. I never get sick, because when I am sick, I’m too busy trying to convince myself that I’m perfectly ok. I’m broken in more ways than one. I’m the girl people feel like they have to fix, even when I don’t think anything is wrong. I’m frickin’ Lois Lane. I’m the girl who doesn’t even realize she needs to be saved, but lets face it, don’t we all need to be saved once in awhile…even if its from ourselves?

So here’s what we’ve learned:

Erika=Lois Lane.

Now, what is this alleged Clark Kent Complex?

The Clark Kent Complex is sooo much more than your average theatre guy who is a pro at quick changes in small locations (not excluding phone booths).

The Clark Kent Complex has to do with the guys out there who are equipped with muscles worthy of swooning over, however…they manage to magically hide them under a t-shirt.

And lets face it…that’s a turn on.

I don’t want to know how many hours you spend at the gym on a weekly basis…would you want to know how much time I spend doing my makeup/tweezing my eyebrows/shaving my legs?

No. You wouldn’t.

I’d rather be pleasantly surprised that you have muscles, and that you don’t feel the need to show them off like its a lightsaber mounted on your wall…

Wait. I’m the one who does that…

Any guy who is dealing with the Clark Kent Complex, is worthy of your attention.

Note: They don’t have to be wearing glasses. Think outside the box, people. Look a little harder.

Your Clark Kent guy is the one saving the world, but not bragging about it. He is more into the “cause” and less about giving credit where credit is due.

He’s mysterious.

He’s got sex appeal…but doesn’t realize it.

And he doesn’t need the cape to make it work for him.

He flies to the sickest John Williams score you’ve ever heard.

I had to throw that in there..moving on.

He can see through anything. Think of the possibilities.

Insert mind in gutter.

At the end of the day, he is more interested in having you see him for who he really is…a “normal” guy. It is less important for him to have you know that in reality, he’s the one who saved your ass because you were idiotic enough to play chicken with your gas light for a few days in a row.

Insert jab to self here.

So ladies, here’s the moral of the story. Quit searching for the Superman type guys. They’re usually douches. Go for the Clark Kent guys…they’re the real super heroes…plus…let’s face it…nerds are a turn-on.

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