My dad, the funny guy.

In Rants on March 8, 2011 at 6:23 pm

Sometimes I forget that my dad is funny. He has a silly interior that he covers up with the “scary german facade.” Any guy who has dated me and met my father has said the same thing:

“Your dad is super tall and intimidating.”

“I’m scared of your dad.”

“You said he’s German, right?”

The last one cracks me up. They say it as if he was Hitler’s wing-man back in the day as they’d hop from bar to bar.

My dad is a total goof on the inside. He’s the same guy who used to balance wine glasses on top of our dog’s head, and also the same guy who has been known to throw dinner rolls. But yes, he’s German. Born in Munster, Germany to be exact..so if ya wanna be scared, that’s your call.

I forget my dad is funny because he has a serious job. He’s a bookkeeper. I think even he forgets that he has a silly side, and this morning, even for a minute…I was able to remind him of it….

My parents are selling their house in 3 weeks…the goal is for them to move to Idaho. I’ve been spending the day going through closets, and digging through boxes…trying to sort and organize and make sense of their life so that they can re-box it and move it. At some point, I came across a stack of the cheesiest looking greeting cards I’ve ever seen…I read through them, and discovered it was my dad’s handwriting…mostly cards he had written to my mom…but a couple he had written to friends…

I read them aloud to him, and he couldn’t stop laughing…it was as if he re-discovered a part of himself again. So without further ado, the words of my silly/scary German father.

A Get Well Card to my mom:

I hope you’re feeling better. I don’t remember if it was your stomach or your foot but anyway-Get well soon.

Random card to my mom:

I forget what holiday this is. Old age does that! But I’m still crazy after all these years. Oops I mean I love you still after all these years.

Birthday card to a friend:

You’re a really N/A person. Let’s get together for coffee sometime. Your freind (oops I spelled that wro

Anniversary card to my mom:

I’m not sure I have the right day. But just in case-Happy anniversary. #9 right?


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