In Adventures with Jenko on March 3, 2011 at 11:49 pm

Berfday was fantastic.

I actually feel younger…some of this might be attributed to the dangerous dose of espresso I just lovingly downed.

Very. Grateful.

Grateful for the friends in my life who took the time to call me and wish me well. Grateful for the insane amount of love my facebook wall received yesterday…I should have warned the wall….Maybe it would have at least been prepared with a condom or something…Practice Safe Wall, people!

Became acutely aware that my last name is much more popular than my first name…in fact, I was impressed with the amount of people who came up with a play on words with my last name….I didn’t realize until yesterday that I miss just being called “jenko.”

Grateful for the fact that my parents took time out of their insane work schedule (they run a business from home), to take me out to dinner and shoot the breeze with me….when the phone was probably ringing off the hook…

This sounds really stupid, but here it goes. I have this on-going convo with my little brother. I’m an I love you WHORE.

I love saying it. I say it to my family and friends a billion times a day. Even when they drive me mad, I still say it. My brother is not quite a whore in this department. He’ll do little things to show you he cares…aka, picking up takeout food for you on his way home or confiding everything to you because he knows he can tell you. But I even got an “I love you” from the little guy on my bday…and it was rad.

I need to stop calling him little bro…he’s like 22 now….And he’s single, ladies…jump on it!

Don’t hate me, Kurt.

Ended the day doing a run of “The Man Who Came to Dinner.”

P.S…we open on Saturday…please go check out the show…it’s hysterical. And I’m Nurse Preen….so come out and see it…esp. if you’ve never been to the Lewis Family Playhouse..the venue is GORGEOUS. Plus, the show is directed by Kevin Slay, and he’s just fantastic. Tix avail at http://www.lewisfamilyplayhouse.com.

The run is only 2 weeks, so don’t miss it.

P.P.S. Shout out to Miss Jodi for probably one of the coolest cakes I’ve ever received…


Oh, and one of the highlights of the day….

Getting an updated on my blackberry that Cathy Rigby posted “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” on my FB wall…my life is complete.

Frickin’ Cathy Rigby!!


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