15 minutes before 26.

In Adventures with Jenko on March 2, 2011 at 7:55 am

It is about 15 minutes until I turn 26.

This year, I have discovered the joy of celebrating the final day before you turn a new age.

My last day of 25 was brilliant.

The weather was sunny. Chilly. everything. I was so excited I wore shorts. I had a job interview at Warner Bros. that didn’t feel like an interview…it felt like a fun chat. I relished in every moment of the day. I talked to random people everywhere I went.

And I ended 25 in a theatre. The same place where 25 began. The same green room, too. My year literally came full circle. And even though I ended 25 in the same exact place where it first began, I realized I’ve come so far since last year.

I never thought that I would believe in the quarter-life crisis….but I honestly think I went through it. I questioned myself. I got busier. I listened to my instincts…went the other direction..then came back again. I made a lot of mistakes. I took the time to fix the important ones. I made really bad choices…followed by some of the best choices I’ve ever made. I stood up for myself. I stood up for what I’m good at…I even stood up for what I’m bad at. It all worked out. In some crazy way, it all actually worked out.

The best way to describe today, was it felt like the first day of summer….the first day of summer when you’re a little kid. When you’ve been in the backyard playing all day, and you have a new scrape on your knee that you’re proud of because you climbed that tree. There’s dirt under your fingernails because you played in the mud…because you can. The sun feels like it stayed out a little bit longer…just for you. And to top it off, at the end of your day, episodes of Batman and Robin…(the kablowee, BAM version) are on the tv waiting for you.

It was the perfect day.

I think I might be slowly shedding my “peter pan complex.” But the youthful side of me is sticking around….g’night world. You are absolutely lovely.



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